Re: [stella] stella bitterness

Subject: Re: [stella] stella bitterness
From: Stephen Anthony <stephena@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 10:47:43 -0230
On May 22, 2004 05:58 am, Andrew Davie wrote:
> It's sad to see such bitter politics enter into the [stella] list,
> which has always been about friendly sharing and learning.  Without
> trying to take sides in the 'debate', I would suggest that sarcasm,
> cycnicism and bitterness have no place in this forum.

OK, just set the record straight on my end, I don't know what the hell is 
going on.  After reading some previous messages from different people, it 
seems that there were political things going on long before I ever joined 
the Stella emulator project.  So if there was some animosity between 
developers in the past, I want no part of it.

> I well-understand the problems inherent in closed-source software being
> sold commercially and the likelyhood of that software 'borrowing' from
> open-source -- and also the ludicrous situation where two emualtors are
> 'competing' and one is using the source code of another to achieve
> satisfactory emulation.

In no case did Stella borrow code from z26, at least on my part.  I can 
guarantee that, since I've posted previously that I *don't know* x86 
assembly language.  All I ever asked for is the general algorithm that 
z26 uses to generate its sound.  That was a complement, I think.  I'm 
beginning to regret ever asking for that; and for joining this list.

> It's disappointing to see the 
> authors/maintainers of both emulators in such a public brawl, and
> doesn't reflect well on anyone in the community.

I know this may seem like a classic comeback - but I didn't start it.  I 
didn't even know who John Saeger was until I posted questions about z26.  
To be honest, at this point I wish I could get the sound working in 
Stella and never have to look at it again.  I've added dozens of features 
and enhancements to Stella over the past two years, and have never even 
looked at z26 until now.  Based on that, after this I'll never be looking 
at it again.  I'm perfectly capable of coming up with my own way of doing 
things in *AREAS I HAVE EXPERTISE IN*, which I've repeatedly stated that 
I do not wrt sound.

I agree, I won't mention this again in this forum.  If there are people 
out there that want to help me, fine.  If not. I'll try to go it alone.  
At some point, if I absolutely can't progress any further, the project 
will stall and I'll drop it (which may be what some want anyway).

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