Re: [stella] Fall Down release candidate

Subject: Re: [stella] Fall Down release candidate
From: "Edwin Blink" <edwin.blink@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 22:59:23 +0200
Aaron Wrote:
>I don't really think I like that solution, since you never know how long
>someone's going to hold down the 7800 button - 1/4 second would probably
>be in the "why doesn't this f-ing thing work?!" range.  And then on the
>2600 the game would have to keep running for that long, after the switch
>had been flipped.

The pause function is supposed to toggle as soon as the button is depressed
or switchs is toggled(as soon as the bit becomes '0') the timer is there to
see if the bit gets '1' within the timeout period in that case nothing is
if the bit gets '1' outside the timing period pause function is turned off.
The only problem I can see there is that if the pause button is pressed
then the timout period the pause would be for as long as the button is held
The problem with the B/W switch could be that when it is put in the B/W
position to pause and then back into COLOR position within the timing period
would remain in pause mode.

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