Re: [stella] Fall Down release candidate

Subject: Re: [stella] Fall Down release candidate
From: "Aaron" <stella-receiver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 18:53:34 +0100 (BST)
Edwin Blink said:
> OK I understand. But there must be a solution that works for both systems.
> I'm thinking of a timer to test how long the pause button is depressed.
> Let say if pause is depressed (or BW in Black positon) longer than a forth
> of a second it is seen as
> a B/W switch and will turn pause off only when back in the color position.
> However if the duration is shorter than the
> given period, it is treated as a button that toggles pause.

I don't really think I like that solution, since you never know how long
someone's going to hold down the 7800 button - 1/4 second would probably
be in the "why doesn't this f-ing thing work?!" range.  And then on the
2600 the game would have to keep running for that long, after the switch
had been flipped.


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