Re: [stella] New guy / my game

Subject: Re: [stella] New guy / my game
From: Jacob Rose <labelreader@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 00:19:01 -0400
On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 6:49pm, Manuel Rotschkar wrote:
I'm a fan of your games and I'm working on my own

Give us a clue please!

Okay, well, since you're the second person who's asked....I'm still working out some of the game design, but the game is tentatively called "Bell the Cat"....if you aren't familiar with the fable, look up "Aesop" and "bell the cat" on Google. =)

The basic gameplay is that your mouse can dig holes through walls to get access to different rooms (slices of the screen), but doing so makes noise, which attracts the cat. So, you have to distract the cat with some superflous digging, then quickly scoot around him to dig a hole in the far wall to escape to the next room, where the story repeats itself. Some rooms are narrower (like hallways) so there's less room to run, and there are studs in some walls that limit your maneouverability between the drywall. Ultimately, you can obtain the bell and make all mousekind safe from predation by attaching it to the cat. =)

I will post a blog with screenshots and code snapshots in a few weeks, hopefully. Right now I'm too busy coding!! I just put together a multicolor (flicker-blending) VDEL copyright/logo screen today (labor day holiday here)'s fun to break up your problem solving a bit. It was my first use of VDEL for wide graphics, and I learned a lot (thanks to you guys and your posts on the subject!). One thing I found weird was that I had a lot of trouble with timing the GRP stores until I bothered to fix the number of scanlines per frame...I didn't know it had side effects within individual scanlines!

P.S. How do most people move images into their code? I've been blistering my eyeballs copying pixel-by-pixel from Photoshop (the adjustable pixel aspect ratio in 8.0 really helps do mock-ups!) into a text editor, and then writing Perl scripts to manipulate them as needed (interlacing/deinterlacing data, doing binary math, etc). I suppose I could use perl-fu with GIMP...

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