RE: [stella] Atari to re-release a whole bunch of stuff

Subject: RE: [stella] Atari to re-release a whole bunch of stuff
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 8 Sep 2004 14:45:26 -0000
> work.  If they can do that with the NES, then the owners of the original
> 2600 chipset could easily have them miniaturized.  I've kind of become a

Not sure but you might be making the assumption that because the 2600
is a more "primitive" system it would neccesarily be cheaper/easier to
make an "on a chip" version.  Given all the quirkiness the 2600 has,
and how some games rely on the most obscure timing stuff, I'm not sure
if that's true, at least if the goal is 100% emulation.  

Re: 7800 sticks...I think they feel pretty mushy, and that becomes 
fatiguing after a while.  If they could put something, like, the switches
from an Epyx 500XJ into a body like that, that might work really well.  
(Though the 500XJ was about the most leftie-hostile stick out there...)

One minor controller thing...I don't think we'll ever see a modern 
system that can do just to, say, Ikari Warriors, with a twisty knob
on top of the stick, because now controllers only can spare the thumb
for the actuall job of moving the stick...though maybe a controller
w/ a "button" that was actually a dial might be possible...hmmm

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