Re: Odp: [stella] My second game

Subject: Re: Odp: [stella] My second game
From: Kirk Israel <kirkjerk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 10:26:56 -0400
On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 14:10:01 +0200, Shrek <matzieq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes it is, but you must find it. On some levels at the bottom middle of the
> screen
> appears a symbol, which means you will be given a spell after finishing this
> level. There's fireball spell and invulnerability spell.

Ah, ok.  Still, I've never been a fan of 2 joystick play...
I can see where the magic adds to the complexity, but I'd almost
rather see invulnerability and health restore as tokens to be picked
up on some levels--
> > Would you ever consider "attack while jumping" or would that make it
> > too easy? I could envision this a great game, jumping a lot, rushing
> > to get around, the bad guys getting more reactive, more proactive, and
> > generally faster...I don't like how they guard edges though.
> They're faster on the higher levels, and it gets really difficult when they
> begin shooting and get invisible for most of the time. What does 'to guard
> edge' mean? (sorry, my english is not perfect...)

No need to apologize for your English, I didn't even realize it wasn't 
your first language.

To "guard an edge" means that the enemy is waiting at the edge (far
side) of the platform, and not giving my character room to jump onto
the platform without risking being hit...sometimes there's no room to
go around and try to jump up to the far side.

> > I liked having a variety of creatures, even more would be
> > better...maybe even mixing them up one screen?
> Ooops.... that would need to completely change the kernel... but I'll think
> about it.

I didn't look at the source...are the 4 lines of platforms done by 4
parts of a single kernal, or by looping the kernal 4 times?  If the
latter, you could consider unrolling the loop and having each row just
have a memory pointer to the monster for that row, shouldn't be too
different than what you have now. It'll take up ROM space, but it
might be worth it.
> Thanks for your post!!!

Glad to give feedback...part of being a good citizen on this list I
think, especially 'cause I'm not as technical as some of the other
posters here.

Other ideas for monster types: maybe something that leaps a bit more
as it attacks?  So the player has to keep a good distance, retreat as
it lunges, and then move in for the kill...and maybe some kind of bat
or flying creature that wiggles back and forth a lot more, and is
always dangerous to the player, so if you swing and are far enough
away you're fine, but otherwise it gets in too close and hurts the

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