Odp: Odp: [stella] My second game

Subject: Odp: Odp: [stella] My second game
From: "Shrek" <matzieq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 23:49:32 +0200
>I'd almost
> rather see invulnerability and health restore as tokens
> > > I liked having a variety of creatures, even more would be
> > > better...maybe even mixing them up one screen?

> Other ideas for monster types: maybe something that leaps a bit more
> as it attacks?  So the player has to keep a good distance, retreat as
> it lunges, and then move in for the kill...and maybe some kind of bat
> or flying creature that wiggles back and forth a lot more, and is
> always dangerous to the player, so if you swing and are far enough
> away you're fine, but otherwise it gets in too close and hurts the
> player...

These are great ideas and I'd love to implement them... but at this time I
have just few bytes of ROM left

Either must I do some Evil Magic (R) to optimize my awful code (I was never
good at this, seems it's just the right time to start to be good:) or make
it 8K ROM.

I've mixed feelings about this... the 4K ROM has some magic in it, and I
feel like a poet writing something like a sonnet:)  Though I play lots of
musical instruments and have written lots of lyrics, it is A2600 programming
what made me feel like an artist... and making an 8K ROM is like breaking
all the rules of the sonnet, making something that should be better, but
losing all the magic.

Okay, forget you've read this! Sorry to trash the list with such stupid


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