Re: [stella] New list: Update

Subject: Re: [stella] New list: Update
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 16:53:13 -0500
Redundancy is information overload.  It's going to
annoy people to have to post to multiple lists, or one
list will starve the other.

I think it was already a bad idea to create the
homebrew forums on AA because it split discussions
between here and AA.  The only reason it makes sense
there is that it covers platforms other than just the
2600.  To have a 3rd area for homebrew programming
discussions is just going to make matters worse.  We
need things centralized for the sake of a central
archive/repository/braintrust.  I think that either we
keep things the way they are, or we create the new
list and intentionally shut down Stellalist to force
everyone to rejoin at AA.

In fact, I would not want to volunteer to admin the AA
list unless there is no more than a brief trial period
in which both are running at the same time.  Remember
that many of the technical problems with Stellalist
are because Omar is running many lists through
Biglist.  Even if AA hosted multiple classic game
lists, none of them would approach the size/volume of
some of Omar's commercial lists.  So I would expect
the quality of service and uptime to improve quite a
bit over at AA.

And I think the odds of AA actually closing down in
the future are very low.  Even if Albert or Alex call
it quits, they will most assuredly find someone else
to take it over.  It's an institution.

> IMO we should use AA's gracious offer AND keep the
> old Biglist alive
> too. So, if one service should eventually fail, we
> have a save
> fallback.
> Here redundancy is something good!

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