Re: [stella] New list: Update

Subject: Re: [stella] New list: Update
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 18:03:00 -0500
On Wednesday 23 February 2005 17:37, Albert Yarusso wrote:
> I don't agree that it was a mistake to create
> programming-related forums on AtariAge.  Many people are
> completely unaware of the existence of the Stella programming
> list, especially if they are just getting into the classic
> gaming scene for the first time by exploring various websites.

Not only that, but forums and mailing lists are each suited 
towards different kinds of interactions.  Andrew's tutorial on 
how to write a 2600 game belonged on a venue like the AA forums; 
discussions over a period of months on how to save 3 or 4 cycles 
in Skipdraw (or replace it altogether) belong on a mailing list 
like this one.  And I won't even go into all the "I have a game 
idea, why don't you guys write it for me?" posts spared us 
through the existence of the forums.

Also, while this isn't so much a concern anymore, back in 
1999-2000 posting about hacks like the ones I was doing at the 
time (hacks that involved coding, but hacks nonetheless) was 
very unwelcome here on stellalist.  Then, when the AA forums 
eventually appeared, it was OK to talk about them for several 
years (and people still talk about them, albeit less than 
before.)  Certainly I was loath to post about my "Hack-o-Matic" 
applet on stellalist, but the people on the AA forums took it 
and ran with it.  One of the most technically impressive (to me) 
2600 coding projects of the last few years has never even been 
mentioned on stellalist due to its dubious legal status.

Basically, I think the AA forums have enabled the stellalist to 
remain a walled garden of hardcore coding discussion, while also 
providing an outlet for people to get their feet wet with 2600 
hacking and subsequently moving on to more involved projects, 
maybe even moving over here.


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