Re: [stella] Fastest missile/ball draw

Subject: Re: [stella] Fastest missile/ball draw
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 17:22:50 -0500
Hi there!

> The main issue I have with the giant table solution is that if you are 
> using, say, 160 scanlines, it doesn't have constant timing (because of 
> page crossing), even with a single-scanline missile, if the missile is 
> closer than ~30 lines to the top or bottom.  You are basically limited 
> to a 120-line screen.

Well, for every problem there's a "best compromise". If you're doing a
full height single scannline screen and sooooo desperately need the
cycles, you can do a "2 giant tables" solution instead of the "1 giant
table solution", having one table with the missle located after 160
lines of zeros and a second table with the missile located before 160
lines of zeros.


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