Re: [stella] Crazy Balloon Beginner Mode

Subject: Re: [stella] Crazy Balloon Beginner Mode
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 04:13:08 -0400
Hi Weston!

Amazing analysis! If that don't helps eliminating the bug, I don't know...

> Okay, I was able to see the glitch happen again, so I've included 4
> screengrabs from z26 to give you a better idea of what it looks like
> is causing the problem.

The pictures made it, thanks!

By now I know *what* has happened here, but I don't *how*

> I played 2 sessions of the game, trying to repeat the glitch. In both
> cases, the glitch did not appear until the program had been running in
> z26 for about 10 minutes, maybe a bit longer.

That is very interesting. I definitely have no timers or processes running
that cause any special event after such a long time. Just for the record,
which Z26 are you using (Version? &  WIN/DOS?).

> I closed that session and opened the game again. After about 10
> minutes, the glitch appeared without me moving anything!

It just happened on the title screen, by doing nothing but waiting 10 minutes

> So, my guess
> is that the problem is not connected to moving the balloon sprite, or
> collision with the playfield.

Probably not even to my code...

> So it seems to be something in the program happens after it is running
> for about 10 minutes, or something wrong with z26.

I definitely have to try a lot of things now...
I hope I can now reproduce the bug here myself.

> I hope this helps. If I discover anything new, I'll be sure to let you
> know.

Thanks a million!

Eric Ball wrote:
> > It sounds to me like something ran amok and overwrote some TIA registers
> > which the game only updates during power-on initialization.


What IMO happens is that one of my pointers for HMOVE values gets corrupted.
I'm setting those pointers at startup once and from then onwards I only tweak
the LSB. Since the problem does not go away after RESET, there must be
*something* that managed to alter the MSB somehow...


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