Re: [stella] Status of Stellalist

Subject: Re: [stella] Status of Stellalist
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 16:58:55 -0400
Russ, I know you are annoyed by people who just throw
out "let's get out of this piece of crap!" messages at
the drop of a hat.  I admit that they are not
productive.  But let's not keep our heads in the sand

Stellalist is becoming irrelevant.

I have noticed that people are increasingly preferring
to collaborate on homebrews on AtariAge, most of those
people also being Stellalist members.  Some of the
newer crowd is much more active there than here or
they may not even be subscribed.  One guy even
mentioned he had trouble figuring out HOW to
subscribe.  There are scant few messages here in
relation to Hunchy 2 and M-4 for instance.  Fred is
also actively preferring bBasic discussions take place
there rather than here...

So the way I see it, the transition is already taking
place, and in my opinion, what's best for the
community is to consolidate eyeballs into one place
rather than split it across two or more.  None of the
discussions here are out of place on AA anymore. 
There are plenty of hardcore tech discussions now that
the forums have split up into subforums.

It's getting confusing deciding where to post, or
annoying when you decide to post in both places.

I don't really see a disadvantage in switching as long
as the entire Stellalist archive can be transplanted
and AA adds the mailing list functionality.  Access to
the old messages is never going to completely go away
under any circumstances.

If there is some other benefit in maintaining
stellalist indefinitely other than "tradition" then
I'd like to here it.

Having spent many hours collecting and maintaining a
copy of the Stellalist archive, I have a sentimental
feeling for the history of Stellalist, and I value the
people here, but I have no sentimentality for
Stellalist as an entity.  It's just a mailing list,
and these days I think people prefer something that
does more than just that--or at least to post where
they feel majority of the people they want to reach
are reading.

--- Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> If you're going to go, go, but not based on this
> email --
> just last week ZIP files got through unharmed, yes? 
> So
> if it's Biglist's fault THIS time, somebody prove it
> to me.

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