Re: [stella] Status of Stellalist

Subject: Re: [stella] Status of Stellalist
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 17:03:50 -0400
I think the IP address of my cable modem must have
changed because I can't access TheDig right now (I
thought I had a static IP).  However, attachments that
do get through successfully are being archived there
so it doesn't matter if the Stellalist archive
presents them on the web or not.  I can verify that
that particular one was empty, though.  I won't
knee-jerk blame Stellalist, but I will just say that
this isn't the first time I've seen empty zips like
this on Stellalist attachments.

--- Kroko <Nil.Krokodil@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi !
> In the archives, I still only read the line:
> [demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type
> application/x-zip which had a 
> name of ...]
> Is this going to be fixed ?

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