Re: TYPE 1 fonts in pdf files generated by jadetex

Subject: Re: TYPE 1 fonts in pdf files generated by jadetex
From: Gerhard Stenzel <stenzel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 22:56:16 +0000
Some time ago I was posting the following problem.
>Hi everyone,
>I try to produce HTML, PS and PDF output from some Docbook SGML files. (I
>think, ) I use the latest versions of Jade,
>Jadetex, Docbook stylesheets, MikTex 1.11. OS is Windows NT.
>I can generate HTML and PS without (obvious) problems. Even PDF works, but the
>files look not very good in
>Acrobat Reader. Under File/Document Info/Fonts only Type 3 fonts are listed. So
>I guess, for some reason the Type 1
>fonts are not found and I can't figure out how to set this up properly.
>Anyone who can give some advice?
>Thanks in advance...
>Gerhard Stenzel
If anybody else has the same problem, here is my solution:
pdftex uses a file pdftex.cfg, which contains amongst other things the names of
the map files. One of these files (  contains the mapping between
the short names (like pagk8r) and the long Postscript names (like
AvantGarde-Book). And this entry had a leading comment.
Removing the comment helped and now the fonts in my pdf files look as they
should :-)
(Reinstalling MikTex reintroduced the problem, so I guess this must be a
feature of MikTex ...)

There are few other problems now, but that is another story ..

Best regards,
Gerhard Stenzel

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