Re: Jade compilation problems

Subject: Re: Jade compilation problems
From: David Bolen <db3l@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 98 17:51:05 EST
Andy Graves <apg@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Is this an appropriate forum to ask for help over the difficulties I'm
> having compiling Jade 1.2.1 for BSDI 2.1 (with gcc 2.7.2 or 2.8.1)?  Has
> anyone here any experience making this combination work, who would be
> willing to share their insight?

I ran into the same problem, and while I haven't actually bothered
fixing it yet (the BSDI 2.1 platform is just one of several we use so
I've been "playing" on one of the others), at least in my case I'm
pretty sure it's the default process limits.  As others have suggested
it could also be overall virtual memory limitations (try watching
vmstat or systat (using the :vmstat command) while compiling), but it
wasn't in my case.

Check your process limits (in ksh, "ulimit -a") - if you're using
a default kernel I think you'll find that you are limited to 32MB of
memory regardless of what the system as a whole has.  I know in my
case the system had plenty of real memory and swap when I got the
virtual memory exhausted error.

If your system is like mine, that's also the hard limit (in ksh, check
with "ulimit -a -H"), so you'll need to rebuild your kernel to bump
the limit up higher.  See /usr/local/share/doc/bsdi/config.n for
parameter information - I think it's the CRMAXDSIZ parameter you'll
want to bump.

Of course, if your hard limit is higher, try increasing your process
limits as high as you can and see if that solves the problem.

Hope this helps.

-- David

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