Re: Jade compilation problems

Subject: Re: Jade compilation problems
From: Adam Di Carlo <apharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 06 Nov 1998 01:32:50 -0500
"Andy" == Andy Graves <apg@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Please excuse the newbie...  Is this an appropriate forum to ask for
> help over the difficulties I'm having compiling Jade 1.2.1 for BSDI
> 2.1 (with gcc 2.7.2 or 2.8.1)?  Has anyone here any experience
> making this combination work, who would be willing to share their
> insight?

Hmm.  I used to make it with g++ 272 vintage for Debian.

> If not, my apologies for wasting your time, please read no
> further. Otherwise...

> Running 'make jade' gives me:

> make: don't know how to make ../style/ Stop *** Error
> code 2

Have you run ./configure ?  You should have something called 'libtool'
on the top level directory.  This knows how to make the .la file.

> Simply running 'make', on the other hand, gives me a much stranger
> error - usually something like:

> ../include/Ptr.h: In method `class ExtendEntityManager &
> Ptr<ExtendEntityManager>::operator (unary *)() const': In file
> included from ../include/ParserApp.h:13, from
> ../spgrove/GroveApp.h:10, from DssslApp.h:7, from style_inst.cxx:45:
> ../include/Ptr.h:27: virtual memory exhausted *** Error code 1

Uh, you need more swap, I think.  Are you running out of swap?

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