Re: Jade compilation problems

Subject: Re: Jade compilation problems
From: Cees de Groot <cg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 07:35:45 +0100
Andy Graves  <dssslist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
>Is this an appropriate forum to ask for help over the difficulties I'm
>having compiling Jade 1.2.1 for BSDI 2.1 (with gcc 2.7.2 or 2.8.1)?  Has
>anyone here any experience making this combination work, who would be
>willing to share their insight?
There's a (mostly quiet) mailing list for getting Jade to work on Unix,
mostly inspired by the autoconf work I've done (it all used to work
before that :-)). You can subscribe by sending a mail with 
"subscribe jade-unix" in the body to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

>Simply running 'make', on the other hand, gives me a much stranger error -
>usually something like:
>../include/Ptr.h: In method `class ExtendEntityManager &
>Ptr<ExtendEntityManager>::operator (unary *)() const':
>In file included from ../include/ParserApp.h:13,
>                 from ../spgrove/GroveApp.h:10,
>                 from DssslApp.h:7,
>                 from style_inst.cxx:45:
>../include/Ptr.h:27: virtual memory exhausted
>*** Error code 1
Usually this really means that your virtual memory is exhausted :-). You
haven't mentioned the amounts of real and swap memory in your box, but
as Jade is a heavy C++ application and GCC is known to eat lots of memory
when optimizing those, it may well be that you simply need to switch on
more swapspace during compilation (under Linux, you can add and remove
swapfiles on-the-fly - dunnow how your version of *nix handles this).

The 'make' invocation, btw, is the correct way to get Jade to build. Oh,
and if you do have success - please drop me a mail; I want to make
a list of success/failure platforms.


Cees de Groot               <cg@xxxxxxxxx>
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