RE: Downloading archive

Subject: RE: Downloading archive
From: G.B.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 08:46:12 +0000
Hi there,

Thanks, Tony, for the reply.

> > 	Is the archive available for download?
>As HTML or mailbox?

_I_ don't mind what form it is in so long as I can get it and read it. HTML
is fine so long as it's obvious what to get to prevent dangling links
pointing to something I haven't picked up; ftp is fine - even better if it
is of .tar.gz or .zip form since there's less to pick up; I don't know what
you mean by mailbox but if it requires me to send a stylised message to some
particular address then that also is fine. I'm just grateful that there is a
possibility of downloading the archive.


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