RE: OpenSP-1.5pre1 released

Subject: RE: OpenSP-1.5pre1 released
From: "Konovalov, Vadim" <vkonovalov@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 09:27:20 +0300
> Matthias Clasen wrote:
> >No, OpenJade-1.3 can't be linked against libosp15pre1.dll, 
> because the size
> >of the Char type has changed. You may be able to get 
> OpenJade-1.3 to build
> >on top of OpenSP-1.5 by changing the GroveChar type in 
> grove/Node.h to be 
> >32bit as well (untested), but this change will make the in-memory
> So basically I should try replacing the SP directories included in the
> OpenJade distribution with those from OpenSP-1.5 and make the fix you
> described above? Any other stuff to be taken in consideration?
> >representation of groves grow by the factor 2 compared to 
> OJ-1.3. We haven't
> >yet decided about a compact grove representation for non-BMP chars.
> When is a new release of OJ planned? I am setting up a documentation
> server and a DTDDECL-aware version of OpenJade would simplify 
> a lot some
> tasks. Unfortunately schedules are really tight and I have no 
> time left
> to try hacking the sources on my own. :(((

May be DTDDECL-awareness may be applied separatedly into the OJ-1.3?
I don't know OJ internals, and things may be more complicated than I think
of them, but there is a hope ...
For me DTDDECL is desired too ...

Good luck,
Vadim V.Konovalov, Software developer
ZAO Lucent Technologies, St.Petersburg branch
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phone:	+7(812)3298522

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