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Subject: RE: (dsssl) twoside
From: "Gershon Leib Joseph" <gershon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 19:51:33 +0200
Jade extends the simple-page-sequence to add support for two-sided printing.
This was done as an interim solution until the full duplex pagination
functionality is implemented (not sure it ever will be implemented in full)


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Adam Di Carlo <adam@xxxxxxxxxxx> commented (in response to Peter Nilsson)

>"Nilsson, Peter" <pni@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> > JadeTeX, I remind myself, forces a page sequence to occupy an even
>> > number of pages if twosidedness is turned on. Can anyone defend this?
>> I've never seen something in the spec forcing this (just checked). It
>> doesn't talk about single- or double-sided pages in the section about

>I guess it sounds like a bug.

Does it really? I would not expect a simple page sequence to necessarily
have an even or odd number of pages in general. But if the document is
specified to be two-sided (which, BTW, I did not realize was _possible_ with
a simple-page-sequence), I would expect it to have an even number of pages.

If I start printing on a recto page, the last page of the document must be a
verso -- unless you can produce a printer that prints on a Mobius strip :-).
Mind you, it's perfectly reasonable for that last page to be blank, and it's
less clear what the behavior of an electronic version of that document
should be.  But I actually prefer having that blank last page there, as my
photocopiers then behave correctly when reproducing it.

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