(dsssl) How to elimate blank pages from the end of DocBook components?

Subject: (dsssl) How to elimate blank pages from the end of DocBook components?
From: Michael Holmes <Michael_Holmes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:45:14 -0600

I am using the modular DocBook style sheets (TeX back end) with a
DocBook book and am finding that if a component of a document ends on a
even page number, a blank page with an odd page number is inserted such
that any new component begins on a even numbered page.  Hence, if the
particular component is only one page, I end up with two pages. This
occurs with the table of contents, chapters, appendices, etc.

I have been unable to find where there is definition in the style sheet
files that a component must start on an even page only.

Two settings in dbparam.dsl that might influence this are %two-side% and
%page-number-restart%, however both are set to #f.

Looking at the ISO DSSSL Standard document there appears to be the
characteristics force-last-page and blank-back-page-model defined for a
page-sequence flow object, however, the modular style sheets use the
simple-page-sequence flow object which has no similar characteristics
defined in the ISO standard.

I don't remember having this problem with older versions of the style
sheets, unfortunately I have deleted the old versions and have not been
able to test my memory.  

Where can I find the section of the style sheets that defines this
behaviour so I can override it?

System configuration:

DocBook versions "4.1 & 3.1"
OpenJade version "1.3"
OpenSP version "1.3.4"
TeX back end
Norman Walsh's Modular DocBook Style sheets version "1.62"

Thank you,

Michael Holmes

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