Re: (dsssl) [help wanted] OpenJade

Subject: Re: (dsssl) [help wanted] OpenJade
From: "Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 15:04:01 +0100
Dear Adam,
>> There is. For a long time now. It is just no backend "included" into
>> (Open)Jade, but a separate programe written in Java which takes a FOT
>I must have read them and forgot them.  I remember now.  You're the
>one that wanted more data coming out of the FOT backend.


>> And just to repeat myself: Developing is somewhat slow at the moment
>> a few features of the RTF and Tex backend need to be added to the FOT
>> backend, which nobody wanted to work on (mainly the "linking" issue to
>> support a catalog in the pdf file).
>Peter said he'd think about them.  I don't know if he's actually
>working on it or not.  Anyhow, Christof, being bitchy and whiney is
>hardly going to help your cause...

No offense taken, none intended. I just describe what is, because maybe some
now developers did not know about it and might be able to have a look at
it - actually, as I recall Peter's words, there was the possibility to to
either some quick hack to support the two or three "special cases" or think
about some "elegant" mechanism which would be extensible if desired.

Hey -- I'd rather take the "quick hack", just to keep it going and providing
an alternative for people wanting to produce PDF.

So, I'm very happy to see there are a few people activly working OpenJade
and even on a windows version (which would be very good for me), and if
there should be a clean build on windows and Unix, and someone could do this
"quick" hack, I'm on the road again programming for OpenJade and DSSSL!

Great to have some life again on the list and on openjade-devel...


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