Re: (dsssl) scale-attribute - how is it handled correctly?

Subject: Re: (dsssl) scale-attribute - how is it handled correctly?
From: Carlos Villegas <cav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 17:49:07 +0900
I think you can have a reasonable default like the one suggested by Joe.
Better yet make it configurable by some option to the backend. Some
raster formats like TIFF (and hence JPEG embedded in TIFF) and PNG, I
think, have ways to specify DPI, although it is not always present. In
that case, of course, use whatever the file says, though, I'm not sure
if the Java APIs make that info available.


Joe Cooper wrote:
> IMHO, I'd say double it.  The printed page (and the PDF page modelled
> after a printed page) is only 8 inches across...if your graphics are the
> same DPI as on a 17" monitor, they'll be mighty big--and many will jump
> right off the page.  (When using screenshot PNGs destined for print I
> always save my images with DPI set to 150.)
> Perhaps a configurable option is the better way...
> Christof Drescher wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > For the pdf formatter I've developed, I ran into the problem how the DSSSL
> > "scale" attribute (for external-graphics) should be treated properly for
> > gif+jpeg images. It is quite reasonable for PDF files I put in, since they
> > have a given width+height.
> >
> > If I parse a GIF or JPEG in Java, I only get the width+height in pixels.
> > Since I want to get a result comparable with the other backends - how should
> > a gif image (which - as far as I know - does not have a dpi value saved with
> > it) be treated? As if it was 72dpi (screen res)?
> >
> > Can anyone help?
> > Greetings,
> > C. Drescher
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