Re: (dsssl) scale-attribute - how is it handled correctly?

Subject: Re: (dsssl) scale-attribute - how is it handled correctly?
From: Carlos Villegas <cav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 21:02:15 +0900

Christof Drescher wrote:
> Hi Joe, hi Carlos,
> yep, both of you sound reasonable - I'll check that one out and will try it.
> Still the question is: how do the other backends treat it? Would be nice if
> the output of, say, the MIF or RTF backend would be the same as of the PDF
> backend... (heck, I see that RTF depends on the 'real' backend as well, so
> forget that one... :-) )

I think this PDF backend would be the only 'native' backend. In case of
MIF, I think that's is left to FrameMaker to handle, same case in TeX
and RTF. In FrameMaker, it's possible to specify the DPI on a per figure
basis, though I don't think the MIF backend uses that since it requires
to define an extension characteristic. It'd be nice to have a extension
DPI property in the external-graphic flow object, maybe it's not so hard
to add one. The scale characteristic assumes you already have the 'real'
dimensions of the graphic. But for these graphics formats you need to
know the DPI to get those real dimensions.


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