(dsssl) SimpleList/Member not wrapping in jadetex

Subject: (dsssl) SimpleList/Member not wrapping in jadetex
From: Sam Phillips <sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 16:35:04 -0700
I have a DocBook document that uses SimpleList to make, well, a simple
list of dates.  I process it with jade and then jadetex.  The output
that I get from jadetex does all other text fine, except for
SimpleList/Member's which it won't wrap to the next line.  I'm not a TeX
expert (I do ok, with really simple macros) so looking at the code that
jade generates doesn't really help me much.  Any ideas on why this might
be happening?  

I'm running Debian Potato, with 
jade           1.2.1-16
jadetex        3.5-1
tetex-base     1.0.2+20000804
tetex-bin      1.0.6-7
tetex-extra    1.0.2+20000804
tetex-lib      1.0.6-7

Sam Phillips <sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>                http://www.dasbistro.com
Reno                                                              Nevada

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