Re: (dsssl) Double-dash sign and TeX backend

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Double-dash sign and TeX backend
From: jany.quintard@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 09:34:10 +0200 (MEST)
On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Samuel Tardieu wrote:

> I just wrote the FAQ for the fr.comp.lang.ada newsgroup using DocBook
> (<URL: which allows me to offer it in a
> variety of formats.
> However, I have a problem with Ada comments. Those comments are led by a
> double-dash sign such as:
>   A := 3;    -- Assigns the value 3 to the A variable
> Using the TeX backend with DSSSL renders it as in TeX, that is a longer
> dash. Is there a way to get the right result both in HTML and in TeX? A
> possible solution would be to render '-' as '{-}'. Is this doable with
> a customization stylesheet or do I have to patch the DSSSL modular print
> stylesheet or even openjade?
> Thanks in advance. I am using openjade 1.3.1 and modular stylesheets 1.73.
Hi Sam
Markus and Tammy have already given solutions, and mine is probably not
the best, but here is it. I sed the tex file using this commands:

    cp -f $radical.tex $radical.tmp 
    cat $radical.tmp | sed s!--!-\\/-!g \
                     | sed s!--!-\\/-!g \ > $radical.tex 

(BTW, I suppose this was fixed in OJ 1.4 ?)
Cheers. Jany

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