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Subject: RE: (dsssl) Fancier title pages
From: "Ian Castle" <Ian.Castle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 17:36:05 -0000
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> Doane
> Here are some specific things I've tried to do, but not been able to
> accomplish very well:
>   - Locate an element at a particular location on the title page. For
> example, the title should always appear 3 in from the top and the author
> should always appear 4 in from the top.  I've been able to simulate this
> behavior with spacing before/after table rows, but this technique is
> fragile as I need to update the spacing when the number lines changes.

Jade implements only the simple-page-sequence - which only has a single
"portal" into
which flow objects inserted.

Each flow object is placed one after the other... so you can't position
individual items
exactly on a page. All you can do is specify things like line height,
spacing and space
before and after the object (paragraph or whatever).

This limits the number of tricks that you can do...

For my title pages I needed a logo in the bottom right hand corner. I did
this by placing it in the right footer.... This works well, but isn't that

The rest of the page is straight forward basic text (large palatino font
with a horizontal rule between them).

Generally, I think of the title page as being the first peice of paper
within the real "board" covers of the book. I would expect to do the fancy
title page with some other process.

I realise this doesn't help that much ;-)...

... recently, the people at mandrakesoft have done some hacks  which allow
you to embed pure TeX "mark up" within the stylesheet... I'm not sure
whether this would help or not.

You can find an english translation at

if you haven't come across this already.

Again, I'm not sure if that will help.

>   - Produce a vertical rule along the left side of the page. Again, I've
> been able to simulate this with attributes on cells, but it breaks when
> the size of content in the cells change.
> So, basically I'm interested to see title pages rendered by other
> stylesheets than the Modular Stylesheets.  The interest is purely in the
> presentation and not about what content is appropriate to include.
> Thanks for any help.

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