(dsssl) DSSSL Book

Subject: (dsssl) DSSSL Book
From: "Javier Farreres de la Morena" <spanish@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 18:01:18 +0100
Dear people.

For the last two years I have been working on a DSSSL book. Now the materials
are quite advanced. I is now 200 pages big (you know, it depends on page
size, font size, margins and so on).

I have sent this message before to the OpenJade list, where I work on the
development of the tool, but I only got two replies. I have also contacted
James Clark, Norm Walsh and Paul Prescod. Only Paul replied, and he said
he would enjoy reviewing the contents if it doesn't disturb his personal

I am spanish, and I am working mainly in spanish in the book. Right now
I am still adding more content. If I have to translate now, it would stop
me from adding more content.

I send this message for some reasons. First, I think the materials are finished
already in some sections, and I would thank some help. Someone could help
by translating from spanish to english. I would also thank if someone could
offer DSSSL examples for the book. I have many examples of code in the book,
but I would like more in it. I cover the whole standard, there is a complete
explanation of the SGML property set, transformation language and style
language. In the query language I haven't yet found a proper way to explain
it, and it is still a catalog of procedures. About the transformation language,
there is no way to actually try the code. I invented almost all the examples
(although for some I based on some examples in James Clark page).

Well, if someone has time to help, please contact me.

Another question I have. I would like to find some publishing company interested
in the book. But this publishing company should accept having the full contents
of the book accessible on the web, appart from having the book published.
Perhaps someone of you can suggest me something on this matter.

I wait for replies.

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