(dsssl) DSSSL Book

Subject: (dsssl) DSSSL Book
From: "Markus Hoenicka" <markus.hoenicka@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 22:23:07 +0100
Hi Javier,

first of all, I'd greatly appreciate a book about DSSSL. I remember
learning DSSSL from the standard wasn't exactly a smooth experience,
so any book about the topic would make it a lot more accessible to new

Javier Farreres de la Morena writes:
 > Another question I have. I would like to find some publishing company interested
 > in the book. But this publishing company should accept having the full contents
 > of the book accessible on the web, appart from having the book published.
 > Perhaps someone of you can suggest me something on this matter.

Some companies do this kind of dead tree plus web publishing. Look at
O'Reilly (http://www.ora.com) and NewRiders
(http://www.newriders.com). I have never attempted to publish a book
with either of them (actually, I've never attempted to publish a book
at all...), but I know that at least O'Reilly is pretty picky about
the authors. If you're not a native speaker you lose unless you are
either extremely good or hire a native speaker as a co-author (who
would have to polish the language). I think you should still go ahead
and try simply because there's not much out there about DSSSL.


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