Re: (dsssl) SGML to XML

Subject: Re: (dsssl) SGML to XML
From: Adam DiCarlo <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 Feb 2003 12:56:17 -0600
Narinder Garg <narinder_g@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Also i have not found a quick reference guide for DSSSL, like we
> have for XSLT (chapter 17 of XML bible).

I've collected some references at including
some tutorials.  Of course the largest collection of materials is at .

As for a quick-reference, I tend to use grep in the actual DSSSL spec.

> The things that i have come to know from this list I think I can
> start working on DSSSL. But I am not sure how I can access the
> parent,

(parent nl)

> ancestor,

(ancestors nl)

> following-sibling,

(ifollow nl) (?)

Cf the spec at

> Also I not sure how to process a tag like 
> <f>string of text<sup>1<sub>2</sub> another string</f>
> to mathml expression like
> <math><msubsup><mrow>string of text</mrow><mn>1</mn><mn>2</mn></msubsup><mrow>another
> string</mrow></math>.

It's all doable, you'd have to do by hand since you don't have source
elements matching the events in your destination one-to-one.

Here are the two "events" that lack any elements or structure in the
source to clue off of, at least that I can tell:

string of text 
 -> <mrow>string of text</mrow> 

<f>string of text<sup>1<sub>2</sub>
 -> <msubsup><mrow>string of text</mrow><mn>1</mn><mn>2</mn></msubsup>

> Please can I have some more references or some sample DSSSL files.

See above for both.

> One more clarification what is the difference in Jade and
> OpenJade. Is openjade more preferable than jade?

I do prefer OpenJade 1.3 since it has some fixes relative to Jade.
OpenJade 1.4 I find too slow until they optimize the UTF8 stuff but it
might be required for MathML, I dunno.

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