Re: Part A - Generic parse.allXML function

Subject: Re: Part A - Generic parse.allXML function
From: Duane Nickull <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 10:00:24 -0700
David Carlisle wrote:
> > Below is the XSL for (almost) parsing any incoming XML
> > and displaying it indented and highlighted.
> This doesn't work with the current version of XSL as
> it uses the old namespace
> and various functions that don't appear to be defined
> even in old drafts of XSL? such as <xsl:script
> match="cdata() etc.

With <xsl:script> being an MS proprietary tag not in the draft, we are
trying to ascertain whether or not <xsl:functions> can perform the same
tasks.  At the onset, it appears that the two are equal however, MSXSL
only supports <xsl:script> to my knowledge.

Perhaps a further clarification on this matter from MS might clear the
air.  We have found <xsl:script> a highly useful tag for reducing server
overhead on more complex applications of XML/XSL.

Duane Nickull

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