Re: [stella] Cubis the text

Subject: Re: [stella] Cubis the text
From: jvmatthe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 15:01:53 -0500 (EST)
> The bin is done with missile graphics, the score with player and ball graphics
> and everything else is done with playfield graphics.

Here's an idea for how to do the bin with one missile:  Stagger it every
line from one side to the other.  To wit:


> I can and probably will do the falling stone with player graphics to give it
> a different colour. That would have to be the same as the bin, though. But too
> much funky stuff would confuse more than it would help, I think.

Sure.  I can see that being confusing.  Too much Tempest color
cycling in my head.

> So your VCS life program is on hold right now? Too bad, now that I have 
> traded for a set of keyboard controllers, just to play your game. :-)

Uhhhh.  Sorry.  :^)  I will hopefully have some time to work on such
things when I am off for holiday break.  I will spend at least a week in
Georgia with my parents-in-law (we all know what fun that can be) and
he has a nice Pentium system that I will get all the emulators running
on and play around with my code.  The life program was really getting
bulky with all the checking for live/dead cells and I had some huge flaw
in my logic somewhere (lone cells are *not* supposed to survive, dammit)
so....  Lots of problems to work on.  Also in the works...Merlin 2600!

> Thank you for your comments. I think I have enough to try out for the rest of
> this year.

Same here!  Do you need a cartridge that uses the keyboard controllers so
I can make it up to you about the Life program.

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