Re: [stella] Cubis the text

Subject: Re: [stella] Cubis the text
From: Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Eckhard Stolberg)
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 20:52:14 +0100
>From: Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Eckhard Stolberg)
>>Can someone please explain to me what all this '5 bit poly' and 'div 2'
>>stuff means? Or has someone allready found out the values for a score, that
>>I could use to create a tune?
>I've done all my sound effects on the 2600 by chance, trying random values
>for the parameters and looping them etc, but creating a proper tune would
>be a nightmare indeed. This is exactly the same situation that I experience
>when I 'compose' techno music with my syntesizers ;-))

For develloping sound effects there is a program called SoundX on the SCCD.
It is somewhere on a notlisted track behind the games. With it you could 
interactively change the values on the screen and play them, untill you find
one that suits your needs. It's a big help for effects, but not that usefull
for creating music.

Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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