Re: [stella] demo update: PCMSD20.BIN

Subject: Re: [stella] demo update: PCMSD20.BIN
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 15:59:12 GMT
>Hmmmm... can we see it? :)

I posted it a little while back, but here it is again for those of you who
missed it.  I'm using it for the bombs in my game, so it works at least
pretty well.

I did find the following algorithm: it uses a 31-bit register initialized
to any nonzero value.  A random bit is generated by XORing bits 27 and 30
of the register, then shifting the entire thing one bit to the left and
placing the new bit on the right.  If you want a random byte, simply call
the algorithm eight times and read the lowest 8 bits of the register.  This
algorithm produces a sequence of (2^31 - 1) random bits before repeating.
To seed the register, you can generate one random bit every frame whether
you need it or not; then, your register can have at least 200 different
values by the time the user presses Reset.

Some code for the procedure:
;Rand1, Rand2, Rand3, Rand4 are RAM locations, initialized to any nonzero
;value at program start (I use $6D)
;RandomBit generates one random bit.
;RandomByte generates one random byte and returns it in the accumulator.

    lda rand4
    eor rand4 ;new bit is now in bit 6 of A
    asl        ;new bit is now in carry
    rol rand1 ;shift new bit into bit 0 of register; bit 7 goes into carry
    rol rand2 ;shift old bit 7 into bit 8, etc.
    rol rand3
    rol rand4

    ldx #8
    jsr RandomBit
    bne RandomByte1
    lda rand1

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