Re: [stella] missile bit width

Subject: Re: [stella] missile bit width
From: kickass <kickass@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 00:09:27 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Glenn Saunders wrote:

> This is an innovative technique here, to be sure.  And you are probably
> right that it's never been done before.  It would be quite a feat to pull
> it off.

Neato, eh? And if we playtest it 'tuff' not only will it be a neat feat, 
but it will an awesome 1-4 player zen fest straight from hades bossom, 
and (to the best of my knowledge,) the first original title to appear on the 
26 in a long time...

> Maybe doing this, and changing the shapes on the fly, it might be possible
> to do a flicker-free 12-character credit scroll after all.

You and your credit scroll! ;)

> I still think that Warlords is a game that needs to be rewritten.  If I
> ever do figure out how to program the 2600, I will cut my teeth on
> rewriting Warlords as an exercise.

Warlords is one game I would never change, nor have found anything wrong 
with (except for how lame it makes other games look,)


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