RE: [stella] O2 vs 2600 hardware

Subject: RE: [stella] O2 vs 2600 hardware
From: danboris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Dan Boris)
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 16:11:07 -0400
> > Dan,
> >   I don't think you two are using the same definition of "video
> > memory"  (unless you've determined something new since last time we
> > talked).  Both machines have a region of address space used by the CPU
> > to interface with a video display chip.  
> > 
> > -Matt P
> > 

In this case I mean that the O2 has registers in the video controller which can hold all the data needed to draw entire functional screen. So in the case the O2 has more video memory the the 2600 does. But you are right in that this is not video memory as we think of it today. There is not a location in RAM for each pixel or character on the screen.

							Dan Boris

PS. Nice to talk to you again Matt :)

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