[stella] Crypto message cart for 2600 (working idea)

Subject: [stella] Crypto message cart for 2600 (working idea)
From: jimn8@xxxxxxxxxx (Jim Nitchals)
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 16:14:42 -0700 (PDT)
> You're not trying to copy-protect a cartridge are you?  That's lame even
> on machines where that's economical.

Forgive me for simplifying.  The program would allow a user to enter a
password key, plus text to encrypt or decrypt with the given key.  The
2600 would perform the necessary crypto and display the results, which
could be transcribed by hand and passed to friends or other international
arms dealers (just kidding...)

Copy protection isn't the point of the exercise.  Free, unrestricted
cryptography in 4K of 2600 code is  :)

> Well, THIS I'd buy.  "I'm an international arms trader... for buying THIS!"
> That scenario sounds a lot better to me than explaining verbally about the
> web page I visited where I send DES back and forth.

I'd only sell it to U.S. citizens, but it'll make a hell of a prop during
upcoming crypto debates in Congress.

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