[stella] [Stella] Help on emulators needed

Subject: [stella] [Stella] Help on emulators needed
From: <kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 09:56:38 +0200
I want to get into VCS programming a little bit, too. ("Look, another ME
TOO programmer!") - I know, but I'm sure there have been far more ME TOO
2600 progammers out 14-15 years ago who even SOLD their cartridges at
dumping prices!
One difficulty I have is to determine which emulator I should use to
test my programs. I've got three ones on my harddisk:
-A26.com which is only 22 kb long, but doesn't seem to emulate very
-PC Atari 1.2 which has got a VERY DARK display, but seems to emulate
pretty faithful.
-STELLA which has got a good palette like A26.com, but doesn't seem to
emulate the HMOVE blanks very faithful.
Some of you wrote earlier, that if a VCS program ran on Stella, it would
probably also run on a real Atari. However, I tried to assemble some
demo sources out of your mailing list with DASM, and they didn't work.
Stella always tells me about some illegal operation the 6507 has
encountered. I also disassembled a few BIN images of real 2600 carts and
reassembled them with DASM, and they worked with Stella. Oystron also
works, like some of your demo BIN's, while others don't. So, does
anybody of you know what I have to do in my code or with STELLA itself
in order to have it going? Or should I forget STELLA and turn to another
emulator? I know that the question has been out yet, but the guy there
used a 2K image, and you adviced him to turn to a 4K one. I already
stick to 4K, but it still doesn't work.
I've also tried to download PCAE 2.0 from
http://classicgaming.com/pcae/, but the downloading process always stops
after having loaded about 32K of the ZIP file. Can anybody help me here?
(I've also got a real 2600 at home, but no Supercharger, also no
soundcard for my PC.)

Kurt Woloch (from Austria)

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