Re: [stella] does the processor stop during VSYNC?

Subject: Re: [stella] does the processor stop during VSYNC?
From: bwmott@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 10:14:22 -0400 (EDT)
> There are no definite minimum and maximum numbers. It depends
> on your TV with how many scanlines it still can sync. If you
> do a sync signal before the the TV is ready again, it will just
> go on displaying. If you do to many lines, the TV will force
> a sync signal on it's own and return to the top of the screen.

Maybe I should look at adding adjustable properties so you can 
specify the minimum and maximum number of scanlines to allow.
That way you could adjust Stella to match any TV.

> You also asked about additional features for Stella. How about
> PAL support including the infamous loss of colour in frames
> with odd numbers of lines. Or at least a scanline counter in the 
> debugger, so that one could see if he is doing the right number
> of lines.

I'll look into this.  I'll use your PALTEST.ZIP files to test it out.

> A interface that lets you specify the things like cart or 
> controler type without having to restart the whole emulator 
> would be nice.

This is being worked on already...

> And you could fix the inacuracies with the Supercharger writing,
> the Cosmic Ark stars and the RESPx multiple sprites trick. :-)

I'll try my best...


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