Re: [stella] Latest version of my new game

Subject: Re: [stella] Latest version of my new game
From: Retroware <rcolbert@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 08:11:48 -0500
Glenn Saunders wrote:
> I just wish the game could use the paddle instead of the joystick.  It's
> really crying out for that, but I can understand how the CPU demands of
> reading the paddle would be mutually exclusive with the busy sprite
> sharing kernel.

Well, yes, I am just about out of CPU time in my kernel, but I don't
the game is a good candidate for the paddle at any rate.  If you think
the physics of a gun such as this, paddle movement is very UNrealistic.
With a real gun, it would take time to move the gun from side to side,
paddle movement it would be WAY too easy.  Half of the difficulty of the
game is trying to not get in a position where your gun is on one side
it is absolutely needed on the other.  Imagine Space Invaders using
paddles, it would have ruined the game.  BTW, though you say the game is
too hard - think about how long you've played it!  I can keep playing it
as it is indefinately, it takes practice!  Also, remember that I don't
ANY level design at all in there, just object movement and interaction.

> I suppose it's an aesthetic consideration more than anything else, but I
> also find the sprites to be rather large and blocky looking compared to
> the norm of mid to later period 2600 software from which most "modern"
> 2600 stock is styled.
> A big part of that is using double line res, of course, but also Bob seems
> to be using the full 8 bits for almost all his sprite shapes.

Yes, you are right to a point here.  I'm not done with the graphics
the graphics you see are there just quick mock ups, though I think the
paratrooper and helicopter are close.  If you notice, though, the
and the plane are double width sprites, the only limitation is that the
minimum width a sprite can be is 8 pixels.  I will see about changing

> Lastly it still seems as if the game falls into 15 or even 7hz flicker at
> times.  Although it doesn't do this unless absolutely necessary I would
> hope that the game would be designed in such a way to eliminate this.

It will be designed to MINIMIZE this, but the whole point of my kernel
to allow freedom of movement.  The maximum flicker possible on this is
and THAT would be very rare, since I allow 6 copies of player 0, but the
copy is always an explosion something would have to get blown up and
a new sprite would have to appear before the explosion disappears, so
realistically it can go to 12hz, and that too is very rare.  Try it on a
real Supercharger, it looks far better than on the emulators.

			Thanks for the input,

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