[stella] RAM Cart?

Subject: [stella] RAM Cart?
From: Mark De Smet <desmet@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 00:00:57 -0600 (CST)
> >If someone could make a cart that I could download through my serial port
> >to, which would then behave exactly like a normal 2600 cart - yeah, I'd jump
> >for one!

Technically, the use of serial is difficult.  There may be some parts out
there that allow simple use of a RS232 line with out a microprocessor, but
I am not familiar with them.  The cheapest method would be to use a small
micro controller, but I don't have a programmer that does micro
controllers, or the software to develop such a thing.  My design uses a
parallel port because this is very easy to build hardware for.  There is
another design out there by Pete Rittwage that is a little simpler than my
circuit, but also uses the parallel port.

> Call me crazy, but don't we nearly have that already with the 
> Supercharger?  A couple of quick changes to Supercharger, a run through 
> Makewav, and POOF! from your sound card to your Atari.  Well, sorta:

I don't know.  Has anyone ever had any problem with a program that does
not work when used through makewav and the supercharger?(but does when

I havn't had much experiance with the supercharger, but once a game is
sent to it, does it work identical to building a EPROM cart?  I know that
the way I made mine, and from the Technical descriptions of Pete's, that
the result is an image that is identical to an EPROM cart.

Actually when I was finishing my testing of my cart, I realised that I had
actually built an eprom emulator, so I know it worked(I actually had a
ribbon cable with a DIP socket on the end plugged into an EPROM cart with
a socket.)


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