Re: [stella] interlace / single line resolution

Subject: Re: [stella] interlace / single line resolution
From: kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 11:28:44 +0200
P. Cavina wrote:

>In Oystron, one shot is the ball, and the other is a missile. This explains

>why one is always white, and the other is color-striped: the "missile" shot

>gets the colors from the player used to display the enemies in the same 
>group of scanlines. That would have been an ugly effect for most objects, 
>but it is acceptable (if not a nice touch) for a shot. IMHO these 
>compromises are part of the beauty of the 2600 :-)

Yes, I've seen such things occur in other games too, for instance in Jungle
Hunt, where one rope is the player's missile and thus gets color-striped
along with him. The other rope, I think, gets colored when the ape appears
on one of the ropes.

Also, in Galaxian, the enemies' shots sometimes get color-striped when
falling on the same scanlines as other enemies are flying.

Generally, you can see shots being re-colored depending on where they are in
rather many games by many companies, including Commando, Asteroids, and

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