Re: [stella] interlace / single line resolution

Subject: Re: [stella] interlace / single line resolution
From: kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 09:44:50 +0200
Chris Wilkson wrote:

>> Even Pitfall II, which is said to be a very advanced game, only uses two
>> three strings alternatingly:
>> 1. Background
>> 2. Enemies (including the balloon when Pitfall Harry isn't flying with
>> 3. Pitfall Harry (with the balloon when he's got it)
>> And the enemies are either solid-shaded (like the bats) or, when they
>> aren't, they don't move independent to the background (up and down)...
>> know if the balloons move up and down, but I don't think so...
>In Pitfall II, the condors, which move up and down, are 2 colored (I
>When the balloon is just floating by, it zigzags up and down, with a
>stationary playfield.  When Harry has it, the balloon is vertically
>stationary (I think), with a vertically scrolling background.

Er... ok, so this breaks my theory of only stationary objects being
When the balloon is floating by, the playfield's still not totally
stationary, because it can be scrolled down slightly by jumping up.
However, it's right that both the balloon and our main character are
stationary while floating up.

With love (and a stationary PC to write mails on)
Kurt Woloch

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