[stella] Qb/Demo background animation (playable)

Subject: [stella] Qb/Demo background animation (playable)
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 02:43:40 +1100
Here we go.... latest update.
This version lets you actually play/complete the screens.  What you gotta do
is move the cubes (squares/tiles) to the same position as shown in the small
display window.  Cubes which are flashing in the small window indicate that
there's NOT a cube in the same position on the large grid.  You gotta put
one there.
You move cubes my simply standing on one and moving the joystick
up/down/left/right.  If your cube is blocked, you jump onto the blocking
cube instead.  Note, 'jumps' are coming soon.  For now, you teleport.
As you can see, if you try playing this, it's not exactly straightforward
getting everything into place.  Now imagine time pressure (before the
pattern in the small window changes), slowdowns due to energy loss (and, of
course creatures to catch (more energy) and avoid (death, etc., etc.).
That's pretty much how the game works.
This version, you complete the level, it goes onto the next one.  No source
code this time.  I just have to do the creatures AI, fixup the jitters, do
some scoring and sounds... and I'll be done.  Then I want to release a
cart... DESPITE the lack of interest ;)  So, will ANYONE buy this on cart,
numbered and signed??
Currently RAM is at $ed and ROM < $FC00.  I'm cruising, on the home

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