[stella] Qb: v0.05

Subject: [stella] Qb: v0.05
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 02:25:18 +1100
Another day, another version.  Attached are versions 0.05 and source code.
QB005MAC.BIN is a version for MAC people, which does NOT use illegal
opcodes.  The score doesn't work, though, on that version.  The source code
now has a conditional compilation of this code... change
'COMPILE_ILLEGALOPCODE' at the top of the source file.

Thanks to Eckhard for the info on that one.  As it happens, I *DID* have a
source-code distribution, and it did NOT have the manual included.  I'll
track it down now that I know it exists.

As you can see, I've done a bit of work on this version, and there are lots
of little things here and there which have improved the look/feel of the
entire thing tremendously.  I probably can't recall all of them, but some of
them are...

* Modified/rewrote the sprite animation, so that individual sprites can be
multiplexed/multicoloured (ie: the pineapple), or can be monocolour (the
player).  Also, sprites can optionally slide-up from cubes (this costs ROM,
so its now optional).

* Reworked a few variables (oops, I mean 'bits') to open up the possibility
for diagonal jumps.  I don't like the idea, but at least now its possible,
and I'll probably implement it and see how it goes.

* Implemented an end-of-screen sequence, so you obviously know you've
completed the layout.  You'll know it when you see it.  It cost me about 32
bytes to implement this one, which is pretty damn small, actually.

* Implemented graduated difficulty for #cubes and the completion time of the
screen.  I've only played up to screen 9 or so, but it gets a bit difficult
around then.

* Improved the player jump immensely.  It looks pretty good now.

* Implemented some player 'animation' - in fact, just facing the player in
the right direction, and installed a single jump animation during the jump.
Also smoothed out the jump so that it works nicely (IMHO).

* Changed a delay counter to 233 per Eckhard's testing.  Let's see how that

* You still can't eat the melon, because now it's a pineapple.

I am now very very very short of ROM.  I doubt there will be many (any?)
sounds in this game, primarily because I can't DO sound, and as I have
little ROM, I can't do MUCH sound.  Remember, I still have a few creature
frames and additional AI to do.  SOME AI is already in there, but disabled
(bugs!).  So, ROM space isn't incredibly desperate... just very desperate :)

Things will be very tight, but I'm close to having the game there now,
anyway.... so I have little doubt I'll have something to release soon.  I
have one or two bytes of RAM free, and about 400 bytes of ROM.  Not much!

Even if I do say so myself... its now looking/playing pretty good.
As usual, any feedback/comments most welcome.


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