[stella] Qb: BETA 1.0

Subject: [stella] Qb: BETA 1.0
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 00:25:04 +1100
This isn't REALLY a beta, as it's not a serious proposed-release.  However,
there's only the gameplay difficulty graduation, and little bits and pieces
to fix - and a few desirable things that I don't have space for (yet?)...
before I could happily release it... so I'm happy enough to call it a beta.
Let's do that :)

To distinguish from the alpha numbering, versions are now at 2.00+

Included, the source code... which is becoming more sphagetti-like and less
understandable with every passing byte :)  The later additions (some
creature AI) aren't really optimised yet.  I have about 4 bytes free, so if
you see some savings let me know!  Thanks to those who have recently posted
optimisations - I will get to those shortly, if I haven't already done so.
I saved 194 bytes, promptly put in the title screen, got down to 17 free,
then found another 65 bytes... then promptly blew it fixing the AI and demo
mode, etc...   its amazing what you can find when you need to.

But now, I think things are getting pretty tight :)

So, have at it.  Please report any bugs/glitches.  I'm pretty sure timing on
a real machine will be pretty disasterous, as the timing is what I haven't
tackled.  Now that's become a top-priority, along with difficulty graduation
(4 bytes should be sufficient - NOT!).


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