Re: [stella] Help (Timing problems?)

Subject: Re: [stella] Help (Timing problems?)
From: "nj bloodline" <njbl00dline@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 16:16:14 -0400
Even if I never actually do program a 2600 game (I really do hope to some
day soon), this list is awesome. It's great to see so much buzz around

If anyone wants to hear the two ideas I have for simple 2600 games, both
games I have are very simple in nature, but I think they'd be very catchy
and addictive.. so if anyone would like to hear my ideas for possible
programming, that'd be great. Just email me and I'll tell you the details.

Here's another idea I had for an update on an old classic game.. a game
similar to Activision's Megamania, but every once in awhile enemies come at
you from the ground and pressing up would make your ship jump.

Keep up the good work everyone!!

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