RE: [stella] Help (Timing problems?)

Subject: RE: [stella] Help (Timing problems?)
From: Nicolás Olhaberry <nolh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1993 06:14:25 -0300
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Subject: Re: [stella] Help (Timing problems?)

> As long as everything adds up to 262, you can do whatever you want.
> between 200 and 220 of those lines will actually be visible on the TV
> depending on each particular TV.


> Also, don't confuse the VBLANK hardware register with the VBLANK time
> (These could have been better named.)  The register means to disable all
> output.  It's usually turned on at the start of the overscan area.  The
time period
> is the scanlines between the end of VSYNC and the start of the game

I see. I thought that it was necessary to use the VBLANK register if you
want the
VBLANK period to occur.

> No game should be able to use less than 3 lines of VSYNC.  Could you post
> relevant code?

Oops...  I was wrong with Alien, instead of 22 cpu cycles it uses 188, which
is 2 lines and a some cycles more. This is okay with the stella programmer´s
guide recommendations (" ...This is accomplished by writing a "1" in D1 of
VSYNC to turn it on, count at least 2 scan lines, then write a "0" to D1 of
VSYNC to turn it off...").

But "Math Grand Prix" uses just 149, slightly less than two lines (152)...
guess this is okay too. Unfortunately my 2600 doesn´t work, I would be
interesting to find the minimum amount of cycles for a valid VSYNC.

Here´s the source code for "Math Grand Prix", if anyone wants to take a
look. I tested it before pressing reset or select, since the game doesn´t
have an attract mode, every frame has the same value for $C3, which is the
only thing that affects the branch.

Blame outlook if the code looks all screwed up, really I don´t know how to
solve it without a text attachment.

  104A      LDA #$02
  104C      STA HMCLR
  104E      STA WSYNC
  1050      STA VBLANK
  1052      STA VSYNC      ; 0        These numbers are the amount of cpu
cycles which has passed since the start of VSYNC period.

  1054      TAY                    ; 2
  1055      LDX $C3            ; 5
  1057      LDA $1F64,X     ; 9        The value loaded into A is $44.
  105A     SEC                    ; 11
  105B      INY                    ; 13
  105C     SBC #$0F           ; 15
  105E      BCS $105B        ; 45       Branch taken 4 times, so
cycles passed.

  1060      STA WSYNC    ; 70        76 - (3+3+45)=25 cycles passed.
  1062      EOR #$FF          ; 72
  1064      SBC #$06           ; 74
  1066      ASL A                ; 76
  1067      ASL A                ; 78
  1068      ASL A                ; 80
  1069      ASL A                ; 82
  106A     STA $FB            ; 85
  106C     LDX #$00          ; 87
  106E     STA WSYNC     ; 146     76 - (87-70)=59 cycles passed.
  1070     STX VSYNC      ; 149



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