Re: [stella] Gameline

Subject: Re: [stella] Gameline
From: Mauricio Tadeu Alegretti <malegretti@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 16:38:40 -0300 (ART)
> The cool thing about the Gameline was the BIDIRECTIONAL communication 
> potential of it.  If it's a true modem, then you could do some interesting 
> client/server games, online games where the 2600 is just a display engine.

Well, do you think it would be possible to access the gameline's internal modem
while running the game? even on low speeds that could get very tricky, if
possible at all, wouldn´t it?

> Other than that, the Cuttle Cart is better than a Gameline, and given how 
> rare Gamelines are, you wouldn't save much money finding a Gameline on Ebay 
> vs. buying a Cuttle Cart.

That's true. I've been wondering lately if the difference in price between the
Cuttle and a SuperCharger was worth it... what do you guys think? Is there any
really great difference, besides the > 6k cartridge loading (and, of course,
the support of Chad's wonderful work)? 

See ya!

Mauricio Tadeu Alegretti

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