Re: [stella] Gameline

Subject: Re: [stella] Gameline
From: Kevin Horton <khorton@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:29:37 -0500
At 03:28 PM 8/23/01 +0200, you wrote:

OK, thanks for the explainations so far. Do you by any chance have
a (partly) commented disassembly of the Gameline system ROM, that we
could look at? That might be helpfull in figuring out the bankswitching
and the RAM writing.

No, I don't have anything left from that I don't think. I do have the ROM image kicking around somewheres though (no, it doesn't work in an emu 'cause it is bankswitched, even though it's only 4K).

> connected, the Gameline "remembered" the proper phone number for when it
> had to call next time and I didn't have to do the special dialing

That's interesting. So you obviously could update the system firmware
through the RAM, that would be used at powerup? Did the Gameline display
a menu screen or something before you connected to the service for the
first time?

The first time you power it up, it tries to call the server right away (and fails, too). And yes, once you turned it back on after calling in, it brought up the menu right away that let you select the desired game (or view the menu). The menu was simply another program DL'd to the system's RAM (and this is why in the book that comes with the Gameline advises you not to overuse it, or else they would start charging!!)

Oh, and since you said you lost the contact information for the guy
with the homebuild server, couldn't you track him down with the
new number in your Gameline? ;-) Or has he given up that number for
too long to be usefull information?

The 9V battery was removed that night and put back into my multimeter so the info is long gone. :-(

As for using the thing in a peer to peer setup for online gaming, I doubt it would work. Like the Supercharger, I'm pretty sure it takes 100% CPU power to operate the modem.

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